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i'll save this for when the world explodes;

cover it up with a bang.

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-turn me into something beautiful today, change me into something murderous tomorrow, switch my gaze into a million faces and suffocate me in your dreams. Spin me through a million halls, in Poe’s walls, masquerade me as a phantom, twirl me with the most worldly of possessions, let me be that for you, let you be that for me; be my lustful obsession.

I am a work in progress.
3am ideas, accents, ambiguous morality, anatomical features, animal rights, animals, astronomy, aziraphale/crowley, bandom, bandslash, biting, black and white photographs, bones, bookstores, chocolate, cliffs, coffee, collecting junk, computers, cynicism, daemons, debating, dirty talk, dolphins, dreamscape, edgar allen poe, ee.cummings, emotions, equal rights, faeries, fairy tales, fandoms, fanfiction, fantasy, feeling alive, film theory, fireflies, flowers, foreign music, fresh flowers, friends, fringe science, good omens, harry potter, harry/draco, hate, his dark materials, hitler, homosexuality, horses, hot chocolate, house, house/wilson, human nature, human rights, human sexuality, hypnopompic hallucinations, ice skating, icicles, icons, ideas, identityfucking, insanity, international studies, interspecies communication, irony, irreverent humor, j2, labyrinth, lakes, languages, latin, laughter, learning, lighthouses, literature, loopholes, love, lust, medieval art, memorable people, mental diseases, merlin, merlin/arthur, mermaids, moors, morality of god, mountains, movies, multicolored socks, museums, music, musicals, mythology, nature, painting a world, pastries, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, piano, playing pretend, plays, poetry, polaroids, politics, porn war, psychology, quotes, rain, reading, religion, remus/sirius, rent, rock climbing, roleplaying, running, ryan/brendon, sadism, sci-fi, sexualities, shipping, skeletons, slash, slashfic, snakes, snow, speculation, subtext, sunrises, supernatural, tempus, the necessity of war, the ocean, the stanford prison treatment, theater, trees, walt whitman, water, water lilies, werewolves, wildflowers, wincest, wine, wolves, wonders, words, worlds, writers, writing